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Primulina sinovietnamica

Primulina sinovietnamica

Primulina sinovietnamica is a wonderful gesneriad that is quite unique. It produces nice rosettes of dark leaves with white veining (the percentage of white to green varies per clone and population origin) with a purple fuzz and small purple flowers. The plant pictured is in a gallon pot, I believe 8" in diameter, so they can get quite an impressive size.

The species grows on limestone in situ and is from Vietnam - not China. It is a very durable and easy plant, much more so than Begonias which can be quite finicky at times based on fertilizer and temperature. I've read others say it is very slow, but really it grows at a good steady rate when fertilized at a high ppm (400 ppm of low nitrate fertilizer) and kept moist.

Fertilizer choice varies how dark the leaves will get, the clone pictured was originally a hunter green not the deep dark green it is now and it was simply switching the fertilizer that caused the change. Since it is a limestone species, using dolomite lime on top of the substrate is very helpful but otherwise this plant is very easy to grow and has no issue with low humidity. Highly recommended!

Sinovietnamica pulling.