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A visit to Robert Seeber

A visit to Robert Seeber

Pictured above is Nepenthes jacquelineae.

In September I was fortunate to be able to visit several Nepenthes growers in Germany. One of these was Robert Seeber, known as @carnivoresworldwide, who was a fantastic host and had some spectacular plants. Many thanks again Robert & Maria for letting me visit!


Nepenthes glandulifera, if I recall right this was a select clone originally from Simon Lumb in the UK. Quite a bit more colorful than the usual clones!


N. peltata AW clone. There was a few different clones of pelts but this one was especially nice.


Nepenthes naga?


Two Nepenthes x kinabaluensis (villosa x rajah) pitchers. This natural hybrid is incredibly rare in the US but a bit more common in Europe. One of the most stunning hybrids in my opinion.


Nepenthes lowiii needs no introduction! I believe this is the female mulu clone from Wistuba.


Nepenthes macfarlanei, now renamed.


One of Robert's mollis, this is a seed grown plant from Vincent Fiechtner. Better than veitchii in person!


N. leonardoi from Simon Lumb. This is the darkest clone I've seen in cultivation and hope that its offspring makes it into TC. All the other nursery releases seem to be a lot more brown and not like the type plants. 


N. edwardsiana Tambuyukon easily being one of the biggest pitchers there is. Trusmadiensis Holotype Minor visible in background.


A bed of N. hamata, I forget if this was AW clone 1 or 4. Quite a showstopper regardless.


Last but not least, Nepenthes attenboroughii the fantastic giant species from Mount Victoria. This clone was originally from French grower Michael Negrini and looked just perfect!