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Nepenthes Potting Media


We've recently been experimenting with alternative potting medias for Nepenthes. This media is a modified version of a recipe from Europe (reported to be one of Wistuba's personal mixes). It is Coconut Coir based (rinsed to below 50 ppm) with several other ingredients. This media is more versatile than Sphagnum as it is suitable for terrestrial species and epiphytic species. Despite being finer grained than Sphagnum it is surprisingly fast draining. Coconut coir also has a higher PH than Sphagnum resulting in better plant coloration and even bigger pitchers! For lowlanders and species such as klossii (it's natural habitat is very wet) keep the media wetter as this will result in better growth. For other Nepenthes just keep them moist. To extend the coverage of the mix, it can be mixed with chopped sphagnum and perlite, about a quarter of a gallon of each to the one gallon of this mix. Mixing it with Sphagnum/perlite will also make it more suitable for lowii and its hybrids. This product contains 1 gallon of media.