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Nepenthes Minima Lake Poso Christian Klein


A “miniature” species, N. Minima is somewhat controversial, as is usually the case when
maxima forms are upgraded to species status. It was previously known as maxima
‘Lake Poso’ or just ‘Lake Poso’ for short. Some have called it a Mini Maxima too.
According to the paper it was described in it is the first known pyrophytic Nepenthes
(able to tolerate frequent wildfires) from outside Indochina and the Philippines, growing
in the highland grasslands of Central Sulawesi. One adaption it has made to survive
fires is a tuberous rootstock.

Whether it is a species or a form of maxima, it shouldn’t keep anyone from growing
Minima. Overall it is a unique and dainty species. These are seed grown specimens from
Christian Klein.